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A Short Review of MS Access, SharePoint, InfoPath (2013)

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Editor's note: Contributor Marcel Meth is an independent consultant in the Boston area, specializing in Microsoft SharePoint & Office related technologies. Follow him @marcelmeth

After the November 2012 SharePoint Conference in Las Vegas (#spc12) there were a number of blog posts and people saying that Access 2013 was great and would be replacing InfoPath. Marc Anderson and Ruven Gotz have short posts summarizing #SPC12 and touch on the subject of InfoPath and Access. I also spoke with several individuals shortly after #SPC12 and they were excited about Access 2013.

Since I rely heavily on InfoPath for much of what I do, I wanted to kick the tires and see what everyone was talking about. First, a few notes about SharePoint 2013 and Office 2013.

  • Microsoft should rename Access: If you have tried to bing the word Access, then you know that the search results are overwhelming, because the word "access" is used for so many other purposes.

  • Use the RTM version of Office 2013! I was performing my investigations by leveraging the Office 365 Beta and the Office Applications that come with it. Not much was working! After I uninstalled the Beta version of Office 2013 and Installed the RTM version everything seemed to work.

  • Windows 7 and IE 9.0: The drag & drop that is being touted as "manna from heaven" seems to work well with Firefox, Safari, Chrome, and IE 10, but it does not work with IE 9!

  • Non Microsoft browsers are still second class citizens (except for the drag & drop): Microsoft has finally done away with the Active X's for datasheet view (that is brilliant!) One can now see the newly minted datasheet view in many browsers. But I still find that one needs to be in IE to do a number of key manual opeartions. For example pasting numerous rows of data from a spreadsheet into the new sheet view works only in IE.

Access 2013

    Microsoft Access is touted as a non developer tool. I know a number of people who are on the business side and love Access. These people will like the renewed energy that Microsoft has applied to Access. One should note that conceptually this functionality existed in SharePoint 2010. Here is what I see that is new:
    +The new version works better: Although I haven't tested it fully, it seems that many more features that work on the Desktop version of Access, now work in the published Web Application which is hosted by SharePoint 2013.
    +The new version has fairly robust browser based forms: End users can now fill in data using forms that are rendered in the browser.
    +The published version that resides in SharePoint now uses its own SQL server tables. So the engine appears to be SQL Server, not a modified version of Access built for a server. This stands to be quite robust, but I imagine that some quirks will surface due to new model.
    The limitations are:
    - Access is pretty much its own application and does not integrate with SharePoint building blocks. For example, an Access table is not easy to integrate with a SharePoint workflow. Further, although Access forms now are visible in a browser, they are not nearly as rich as InfoPath forms. InfoPath forms cannot easily integrate with the Access tables. In order to integrate SharePoint features and Access, one needs to tie SharePoint list(s) to Access as data sources. This overcomplicates the model and one may very well run into synchronization issues.

In short, although I believe there will be some people who will be happy with newly minted Access, I do not think that Access will be able to replace InfoPath and Workflow technologies. I do agree that Microsoft does not seem to have put much energy into InfoPath. If they leave a vacuum in this space, then others may very well take over, for instance Nintex Forms.

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Connection to Web Databases

Do you know if you can connect to the Access 2013 web databases from SSIS or SSRS?

Posted 25-Jan-2013 by Marzipan
Frederic Forest

On Access 2103 Web App isolation

The thing that gets to me is that, for what I managed to find on the official Office blogs, Access 2013 Web Apps (will need an accronym for that soon!) are not really good team players. They seem to do a good job for single, self-contained tasks, but they interact very little other data source. More importantly they are: - Read-only with SharePoint Lists. - Can't access other Access 2013 Web App tables/querries! Long story short, anything table that may be used by more than one web DB has to be a SP list and cannot be modified from within the Access Web DB itself. Holy cow, talk about limitations! While Infopath didn't get much love this time around, SP lists + workflows + InfoPath will probably remain our main choice for our quick, lightweight tools. :-/

Posted 29-Jan-2013 by Frederic Forest

drag and drop

Just FYI...drag and drop with IE9 does indeed work.

Posted 29-Jan-2013 by Erich
Chris Grist

drag and drop

It does, you need Office 2013 installed for it to work in IE8/IE9 as it updates a DLL file.

Posted 25-Mar-2013 by Chris Grist
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