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SharePoint No Code Picture Slide Show

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Categories:WSS; MOSS; 2007; 2010; Site Manager/Power User; Web Part; Web Parts; Easy Tabs

Author: Kerri Abraham

Picture Libraries have a perfectly acceptable slideshow interface, the problem is that it seems rather limited since typically the end-user has to be in the library, educated that the option exists, and then expected to find View Slide Show way down the list under Actions. I want to be able to put the slide show on any page I desire, have full control over which pictures are displayed, and I want to do it all without code. Happily, I stumbled upon just that solution!

Obviously we need to start with a Picture Library:

No need to change anything from the default for this one. Upload some pictures:

Under Actions choose to view the pictures using Slide Show:

This launches a new window. Nice little interface, but basically worthless because the URL isn’t visible on the page, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t there! Right click in the upper portion of the window (be careful not to click within the picture) to display the menu options, open up Properties.

Under Address, copy the URL. Note the Photo Album: Slide Show View should be visible on the tab:

Choose the location for the slide show and add a Page Viewer Web Part:

Open the tool pane:

Paste in the Slide Show View URL.

The Appearance settings need to be adjusted according to picture size, preference, and what web zone the slide show is placed.

To get the most mileage out of the front page real estate, I’ve used those fabulous Easy Tabs from Christophe at Path to Sharepoint. Easy Tabs makes for a great display:

The interface works exactly as it should and allows users to auto-play or manually advance through the pictures. Navigating away from the page starts the slide show over with picture one.

Thinking Ahead

Unfortunately the slide show feature doesn’t seem to recognize metadata. Even when metadata is assigned and filtered views are used to successfully display certain pictures, the slide show will still grab pictures outside the view (at least in my limited experiments.)

Needing a way to keep the slide show current I tried adding a folder (yes fans, I said it, add a folder!)

The folder worked perfectly, but it also has the added benefit that Picture Libraries do not support a datasheet view for editing properties so it makes quick work of filtering out older pictures by using Explorer view (as long as a good naming convention is used for pictures on upload) to move older pictures into another folder.

View Slide Show will work within folders in the same way by excluding any pictures from the main library if the URL is captured from within a folder view. Proper metadata tagging should still be assigned to pictures to make them easier to find, but it would seem in this instance folders have metadata trumped in Picture Libraries.

The URL copied from the Properties menu also works as a hyperlink on any text; it doesn’t have to be used just within the Page Viewer Web Part. When the link is set to open a new window it will give the same effect as a slide show pop up, yet another way to provide pictures to end-users without jumping into the picture library.

Engage the End-User

Hard to believe it was that easy huh? But what does this have to do with business value? How could adding a picture slide show increase end-user adoption and overall site traffic? Consider marketing it this way:

“Do you take advantage of employee benefits such as … discounted theme park tickets/area attractions, or (?) Upload a picture of you and/or your loved ones enjoying yourselves <Here> and share the fun with everyone on our Sharepoint site!”


“Where’s <Your Company Name> ? (Think Where’s Waldo?) Submit photos of you or your family members sporting the company logo at any of the great places you have been to visit and show them off on our Sharepoint site!”

Personalizing the site with photos like these promotes how much fun it is to be an employee with your company. Strategic placement of the slide show ensures that employees are seeing vital company information on their way to view the picture of a coworker’s baby holding a company logo key ring at the circus where they attended using discounted employee tickets… or something like that anyway! Have other ideas? Would love to hear them, leave a comment!




This is great! Thanks. Just wondering, is there a way to show the photos in the slideshow in order of date the photo was taken, not alphabetically by name? I've sorted them this way in the folder, but the slideshow plays them by name...

Posted 13-Aug-2012 by Em
Kathryn Wells

Suggestion for Ordering

Have you tried prepending a number to the front of your filenames? i.e. 10samplePhoto.jpg, 20samplePhoto.jpg, 30samplePhoto.jpg, etc. This is a less-than-ideal way, but it gets the job done. If you make the numbers in multiples of 10, it will be easier to add a photo in between two existing numbered photos without having to renumber all of the photos again.

Posted 14-Aug-2012 by Kathryn Wells

This is very good article. How to make pictures automatically move when a user open web page?

Hi, Kerri,
This is great article. Thank you so much.
Do you have any suggestion if I want the picture slides automatically move when a user go to the sharepoint web page which has this picture slide show?

Posted 15-Aug-2012 by Jane
Beverly Ayers

Good so far! But need more...

I agree, this article works great!  I also need the slideshow to start automatically when opened AND it would be great if it would continue to loop thru the slides!!  Is there a no-code way to do this??

Posted 17-Aug-2012 by Beverly Ayers
James Calton

This is awesome

Even though we are switching to 2013 next month; my company is relatively new to the process of sharepoint. I think that this web part worked failry well. I am excited for the migration to 2013 and looking forward to the ease of use that it presents.

Posted 16-Apr-2014 by James Calton


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