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SharePoint: How to hide the "Workspace" checkbox on a calendar without code or customization

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I often get requests to remove the “Workspace” field on a calendar. It’s a great feature if you need it, but if you don’t allow your users to create sub-sites, then it’s a training issue to teach people to ignore it. I prefer to show my users only what they need on a page. I don’t want purposely ignoring fields to become a habit.


It should be easy…just go to the Site Settings, click on the content type of “Events”, click on the name of the field and change it to hidden. Nope…that doesn’t work. As you can see below “All Day Event”, “Recurrence” and “Workspace” are greyed out and un-clickable.


So off to “Bing” I go….and I search and I search. I found a way if you change an administrative Hive file or use code. Neither are solutions for me. So I search some more…and still nothing for a no-coder like me.

I figure there MUST be a way to do this in my favorite little SharePoint tool, SharePoint Designer. And I found what I believe must have been some evil genius at Microsoft’s version of a prank or an Easter Egg: the triple click! And to be honest, it is so ridiculously simple I thought I must have missed it….so I searched again. If I missed this solution…please let me know…it means my search skills need some serious beefing up.

So finally, the ridiculously easy solution…Triple click the column property and set to “Hidden”

  1. Open SharePoint Designer 2010
  2. Click Content Types
  3. Open the Event Content Type if you want to the field in
    1. You can change this at the parent level to affect all lists using the content type, at the sub-site level to change only items on that site, or create a new content type if you just want to change it on certain lists.
  4. Click on Edit Columns
  5. 2011-10-30-HideWorkspaceCheckbox-03.png

  6. Select the Column Name you want to change the property for
  7. Then click the “Property” you want to change 3 times…not twice, not 4 times, but 3 times.
  8. (An even number of clicks (2, 4, 6) does nothing…but a triple click, or any odd number of clicks (5, 7, 9) works every time….weird!)


  9. After the 3rd click…wait one second. The property will become a dropdown. Select the value you want then save your changes.
  10. 2011-10-30-HideWorkspaceCheckbox-05.png

And Voila! A no-code way to get rid of that pesky workspace field!


Important note: Once you start creating calendar items with this field hidden on the content type, it will stay hidden even after you try changing it back…and vice versa: if you created items with the field visible on the content type, the field will stay visible on that content type.

The workaround for this is to create a new content type, based on the Event, hide (or unhide) the workspace field, and use the new content type as the default moving forward.


Kerri Abraham

Nice, thanks Kim!

I have been using calendars with content types built in, so I didn't even realize an OOTB calendar wouldn't let you hide that option. 
Of course those poor users without SPD are left with only the option of creating a custom content type and hiding the field that way (boy do I sympathize) but when their IT departments mature and realize how awesome they are, they will have your example to use instead!  ;)
Good thing to note that you can't unhide it once you have done so - those quirky things are so helpful to include.  Nicely done. 

Posted 31-Oct-2011 by Kerri Abraham


Thanks Kerri!  I appreciate your feedback!

Posted 31-Oct-2011 by Kim
Areon Jackson

Nice Find!

Thank you for writing this article. This is very useful to me.

Posted 31-Oct-2011 by Areon Jackson

Thank you!

This was extremely helpful in cleaning up the base form for me.

Posted 01-Nov-2011 by Matt
Michal Pisarek

Very cool

Wow you learn something new everyday. Great post and super timely as I was just looking for a nice way to do this. As Kerri said it's not as easy to unhide it but for my solution this work great. Good post :)

Posted 02-Nov-2011 by Michal Pisarek
Jasper Oosterveld


Awesome post! Definitely bookmarking this one :D

Posted 04-Nov-2011 by Jasper Oosterveld
Sean Panter

Great Post!

Thank for this Kim.  Remember in SharePoint Designer 2010 that you need to have the 'Push Changes to Sites and Lists' button pushed-in(?) before making this change or it wont be propagated to existing content and lists.

Posted 17-Nov-2011 by Sean Panter
Kim Frehe

Push Changes to Sites and Lists

Thanks Sean!  It took me a while to figure this one out.  I thought the button was an action button that would "do" something when you pushed it.  I didn't realize it works like a check box and must be hightlighted in order to make your changes propogate to existing content when you save your change

Posted 06-Dec-2011 by Kim Frehe



Posted 14-Mar-2012 by cynthia

Great post

Just what we want, but can you do this in 2007?

Posted 28-Mar-2012 by Jackie

Thanks + a note

It works - how did you ever find that? Triple click nonsense. FYI - I got an error after I hid the 'recurring' field on my Reservations content type (nullreferenceexception after adding a new Reservation list item). Unhiding it fixed the problem (just triple-click again, change back to Optional, and save with 'push changes' highlighted).

Posted 30-Jul-2012 by Dan
Kim Frehe

Comment Replies

Hi Dan, I'm very impatient and just started clicking.  When it suddenly become editable I realized that it would become editable every time I clicked an odd number of times.  Weird.  Good to know about the reservations content type.  I will play with that when I get time and see if there is a workaround. 
I don't know if this can be done in 2007, I don't currently have 2007 loaded.  I will try to add it when I get some free time and play with it.  Or post the answer here if you figure it out.

Posted 30-Jul-2012 by Kim Frehe


Just an incredible tip!!!
Thank you!
You saved my day.

Posted 07-Aug-2012 by Paolo


So glad to find your article.  I have no idea how you figured this out.

Posted 30-Aug-2012 by es
Brooke Chase

The TRIPLE click!

Who knew!  Thank you so much for posting this article.  Like you, i have been googling out the wazoo for a non-code solution.  I had found everything you steered us to EXCEPT for the TRIPLE click!  Thanks again!!!

Posted 06-Sep-2012 by Brooke Chase

One click works as well

If you click once and wait, the result will be the same as when you click 3 times and wait.

Posted 17-Sep-2012 by Adi
Baroni Parson

What a sick little joke!

This was helpful! Thanks for posting this.

Posted 20-Sep-2012 by Baroni Parson
The corrector

Only one click works, no TRIPLE click is needed

As Adi said, there is no need for the triple click.

Posted 18-Dec-2012 by The corrector
Kim Frehe

Triple Click

The Triple click must have been resolved in a patch.  At the time, a single click did not work at all.

Posted 18-Dec-2012 by Kim Frehe
Michael Lanoza

You are a freakin' GENIUS!

Thank you so much for this! Finally a solution to one of those nagging little problems that all the experts want to throw code at to solve.

Posted 16-Jan-2013 by Michael Lanoza
Edward Lee


Just what I needed!

Posted 05-Feb-2013 by Edward Lee

Thank you, Push Changes to Sites and Lists

Please add following in your post. In SPD "Push Changes to Sites and Lists" must be selected in Ribbon, so that changes are affected in Calender List in sites.

Posted 13-Feb-2013 by Rahul

FYI - Single click works fine

Click the field once. Be patient, it will load.

Posted 03-Apr-2013 by Nope

Thanks for the tip!

I did find that after I created my calendar items I was able to go back and hide and unhide the workspace column even after the fact of modifying the parent conent type. 
From SPD open your calendar under "List and Libraries" and find the "content types" section and select the icon for your "Event" content type.  Under "customization" select edit content type column, then cleck the property section of the workspace column to bring the dropdown option to hide or unhide, and voila!
Thanks again for posting this cool tip!

Posted 23-Apr-2013 by Letty

Thank you

Hi Kim nice tip and it worked for me. How can i remove this field from the existing calendars ? Regards, Bruce

Posted 02-Sep-2013 by Bruce

Good stuff...thanks...

Good stuff...thanks...

Posted 16-Dec-2013 by parag

Thank you for sharing this

Thank you for sharing this. Here is a quite interesting video about content type for calendar.

Posted 21-Jan-2014 by Falco

Thank you

Thank you for this, really helped a lot.

Posted 26-Feb-2014 by Clive

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