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25+ SharePoint Bloggers to Follow

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Categories:eusp; IT Pro; General; Developer

I start my day each morning looking at my RSS feed to see what has been posted in the past 24 hours on the SharePoint blogs that I follow. On a busy day, there's anywhere from 30 to 50 articles to track down. I have spoken with Jeremy about building a blog aggregator for the site so that we can display a feed of all of the blogs posting exclusively about SharePoint. Below is my starter list, in no particular order.

These are the ones that I find provide frequent content of high value. If you are following others that you think the community should know about, please let me know. I'll need the name of the blog, the URL, the author (if it is a single person or group) and whether you consider most of the content End User, IT Pro, or Developer.

I want to support the entire community effort, not just pockets, so let me know what you read, what you find of value and we'll see what we can do to help manage and filter the flow of content.


Asif's Blog - Power User Solutions for SharePoint, SharePoint Designer and InfoPath
Author: Asif Rehmani
Content Level: End User / Power User


Get the Point - SharePoint for End Users
Author: Microsoft SharePoint End-User Content Team
Content Level: End User


SharePoint Joel - SharePoint Land
Author: Joel Oleson
Content Level: IT Pro


Not Fit for Print
Author: Robert Bogue
Content Level: Business


Laura Rogers - @WonderLaura
Author: Laura Rogers
Content Level: Power User


Path to SharePoint
Author: Christophe Humbert
Content Level: Power User


Richard Harbridge: Insights
Author: Richard Harbridge
Content Level: Business


SharePoint Javascript
Author: Alexander Bautz
Content Level: Power User


sharepoint rescue
Author: Andy Hodges
Content Level: IT Pro


SharePoint Pro Magazine
Author: Various Authors
Content Level: IT Pro / Dev


SharePoint Use Cases
Author: Toni Frankola
Content Level: IT Pro


SharePoint Edu Tech
Author: Dave Coleman and others
Content Level: General Audience


Innovation Matters
Author: Waldek Mastykarz
Content Level: Developer


The SharePoint Blog
Author: Various Authors
Content Level: End User / IT Pro / Dev


The SharePoint Guys from the UK
Author: Various Authors
Content Level: Generalist


21Apps - Inspiring people to change the way they work
Author: Andrew Woodward and Anthony Clay
Content Level: Business


SharePoint Dragons
Author: Nikander & Margriet Bruggeman
Content Level: Developer / Architect 


Meet Dux
Author: Dux Raymond Sy
Content Level: Business


Tobias Zimmergren's Blog
Author: Tobias Zimmergren
Content Level: Developer / Architect


Marc D Anderson's Blog A Knowledge Management Zealot Speaks Out
Author: Marc Anderson
Content Level: Power User


Fear and Loathing - Gonzo blogging from the Annie Leibovitz of the software development world
Author: Bil Simser
Content Level: Developer


Mirjam's thoughts on SharePoint
Author: Mirjam van Olst
Content Level: Developer
Author: Spencer Harbar
Content Level: Developer / IT Pro


Jan Tielens' Bloggings - Joy, frustration, excitement, madness, aha's, headaches, ... codito ergo sum!
Author: Jan Tielens
Content Level: Power User


Randy Drisgill on SharePoint Branding and Design
Author: Randy Drisgill
Content Level: Power User


Clever Workarounds - It's not Rocket Science
Author: Paul Culmsee
Content Level: Business


Wading Through - Things Related to MS SharePoint
Author: JD Wade
Content Level: Generalist


Todd Klindt's SharePoint Admin Blog
Author: Todd Klindt
Content Level: IT Pro



SB Chatterjee

more SharePoint development (incl PowerShell) blogs

there are quite a few other SharePoint development (including PowerShell) that are worth mentioning and I am sure there are many more! The blogs of:
Phil Childs, Corey Roth, SharePoint Alex, Fabian Williams & Sahil Malik

Posted 11-Apr-2012 by SB Chatterjee

If we're taking End User, and I think we are....

then Views from Veronique is simple and to the point. One of the best site for those who are truly starting out with SharePoint. 

Posted 11-Apr-2012 by Pat
Mark Miller

Adding other blogs

SB - Thanks for those. As you know, "developer" isn't my expertise, so these will really help with the mix. Pat - Agreed, Veronique's should be list and will be. Thanks, Mark

Posted 11-Apr-2012 by Mark Miller


A little too much name dropping for me. Joel is a great guy and all, but when is the last time he had a quality blog post? Years? A few others up there fit in that same category. It's more about the content and the quality of content than the celebrity behind it.

Posted 11-Apr-2012 by Scott

Another great all round blog

I saw the author of this blog speak in Australia and though that it had some great advice and is one of the better looking blogs on SharePoint.

Posted 11-Apr-2012 by Mary
Mark Miller

Another Blog: Michal Pisarek

Mary - Thanks for that one. Michal is doing great work and deserves the recognition.

Posted 11-Apr-2012 by Mark Miller
Stephen Cawood

look forward to the aggregated list

let us know when that aggregated list is live. that will be a useful resource.

Posted 11-Apr-2012 by Stephen Cawood
Ken Glover

I agree, Michal Pisarek should be listed

I agree with Mary, Michal's blog should be listed. Lots of great material on a wide variety of SharePoint topics.

Posted 11-Apr-2012 by Ken Glover
Giles Hamson

Some more (including my own...)

Hi, I come from a more project server / sharepoint world and would recommend the following: - Alex Burton (MVP) - Paul Mather And if you don't mind, my own blog... Kind regards Giles

Posted 11-Apr-2012 by Giles Hamson
Rene Modery

List of blogs

I shared the list of blogs that I follow, the OPML file (can be imported into lots of RSS feed readers) can be downloaded from

Posted 11-Apr-2012 by Rene Modery
Alejandro Fadil

Michal Pisarek should be there for sure

He was the first one to help me out in a technet forum a while ago when I was starting with SP.
throgh his blog I got in touch with  the rest of the community.
Great blog and great resources from a great SharePoint Pro

Posted 11-Apr-2012 by Alejandro Fadil

Great list

This is a great list, i also follow Sharepoint Kings ( and Bits of SharePoint (

Posted 12-Apr-2012 by Charlotte
Alan Richards

Can I Add Two

Couple of blogs I read are: - written by MVP Alex Pearce - Run by Matt Hughes but with multiple authors

Posted 12-Apr-2012 by Alan Richards
Mark Miller

The list is growing!

Thanks for all the contributions. I'm keeping track and will make these part of the list for the aggregator... or should I say "Aggrepointor"?

Posted 12-Apr-2012 by Mark Miller
Gene Vangampelaere

User managed solutions -> mainly user managed solutions (power users)

Posted 12-Apr-2012 by Gene Vangampelaere
Mark Miller

Anders on SharePoint

Anders on SharePoint 
Author: Anders Rask 
Content Level: Power User

Posted 12-Apr-2012 by Mark Miller
Mark Miller

Just found a couple more...

… And All That JS - JavaScript, Web Apps and SharePoint 
Author: Luc Stakenborg 
Content Level: Power User 

Essential SharePoint 
Author: Susan Hanley 
Content Level: Business/Power User 

Posted 12-Apr-2012 by Mark Miller
Mark Miller

Wictor Wilén

Wictor Wilén's Blog 
 Author: Wictor Wilén 
 Content Level: Developer 

Posted 12-Apr-2012 by Mark Miller
Mark Miller

Daniel the Nerd

Daniel the Nerd
Author: Daniel 
Content Level: Power User 

Posted 12-Apr-2012 by Mark Miller
Mark Miller

Tales from the IT Side

Tales from the IT Side
Author Donal Donais
Content Level: IT Pro / Business

Posted 12-Apr-2012 by Mark Miller
Mark Miller

SharePoint Wendy

SharePoint Wendy - Blogging About All Things SharePoint
Author: Wendy Neal
Content Level: Developer / Architect

Posted 12-Apr-2012 by Mark Miller

Another Blog

You've listed a lot of good ones, but here's another I don't see:

Posted 12-Apr-2012 by Eric
Elliot Wood

Good blog

This is a good one
Author: Matt Menezes
Content Level: Developer / Architect

Posted 12-Apr-2012 by Elliot Wood


I read this one a lot has lots of useful InfoPath work and free downloads of projects.

Posted 13-Apr-2012 by Genie

Anoter one

This one is an all round source of SharePoint info plus general IT admin 

Posted 13-Apr-2012 by Geoff
Mark Miller

SharePoint Stories

SharePoint Stories - A place to share the things we do, attempt, find interesting or find frustrating about Microsoft SharePoint
Author: Dan Antion
Content Level: Power User / Business

Posted 14-Apr-2012 by Mark Miller
Mark Miller

Chris Givens

Architecting Networked Solutions
Author: Chris Givens
Content Level: Architect

Posted 14-Apr-2012 by Mark Miller
Mark Miller

Rick Taylor

SharePoint from an Engineer's Perspective
Author Rick Taylor
Content Level: IT Pro

Posted 14-Apr-2012 by Mark Miller

SharePoint and document management

Edit - going to try to make the Url hyperlinked.... Ran across Things that Should be Easy - Has SharePoint and doc man stuff. Looks like medium to advanced stuff.

Posted 16-Apr-2012 by Cindy

SharePoint CowBell?

Posted 18-Apr-2012 by Ricardo
Chris Mainland

Excellent SharePoint Community

We all have our favorite bloggers but one thing that I am sure we can all agree on is that compared to other platforms I have worked on the SharePoint community is excellent in sharing their experiences and learnings so that the whole community can benefit. Keep up the great work everyone and thanks for sharing, many of these blogs and msdn replies have helped me over the years.

Posted 26-Apr-2012 by Chris Mainland

Nice List

One more to add.. I personally follow this guy's blog.. its really good..he explains with details !

Posted 05-Jun-2012 by Charles
Sharepoint Tunisie

Sharepoint Tunisie

Hello, Here is a new blog dedicated to Sharepoint news, services, tutorials...The blog is in french language. Sharepoint Tunisie useful for non anglophone persons.

Posted 07-Dec-2012 by Sharepoint Tunisie

SharePoint Blog for Business Intelligence

Here's another blog for Sharepoint business intelligence

Posted 19-Feb-2013 by Techblade
Nick Johnson


Thats a nice list of blogs. I m sure these bloggers must be experts of sharepoint and I can learn many things by reading their opinions.....

Posted 05-Mar-2013 by Nick Johnson

One more blog for SharePoint Articles and Tutorials

I have been also writing about SharePoint at I hope you will find this site helpful for SharePoint Developers and Professionals.

Posted 02-May-2013 by Avi

My humble blog

Hello! Interesting list, some of the blogs I already follow, while others deserve to look closer at. I often write SharePoint-related posts in my blog as well. So, I'd like to mention it here, it's available here - .Net Follower's blog. Thanks!

Posted 04-Jun-2013 by dotNetFollower
Natan Abramovich

List of blogs and great data centers

It's also worth following the product blogs of various companies: Microsoft's official blog Sharepoint blog
Atlassian's blog on Confluence BRIEF Mention's blog and other product blogs that are useful for the general population of SharePoint experts.

Posted 07-Jun-2013 by Natan Abramovich
Cameron Dwyer

Cameron Dwyer | SharePoint, Outlook, Office, OnePlaceMail

Level: Power User / IT Pro / Dev

Posted 04-Sep-2013 by Cameron Dwyer
Luiza Linhares

Post of Blog

Hi, Mark Miller I work at Infobase, an IT consulting company, and one of the top 50 integrators of Brazil. We’ve recruited a team of experts in the digital media area to be authors on our blog, that will be launched soon. We know your work, and we would like to call upon you to be a parto of our team of authors about Sharepoint. The articles can be original or not. In that case, we would only need your permission to translate and publish them in Portuguese. We offer several advantages to the participants that you can check on the presentation attached. Would you like to participate? Att,

Posted 16-Sep-2013 by Luiza Linhares
Morgan Roach

Thank you

This is very helpful, thank you

Posted 14-Oct-2013 by Morgan Roach


It's always helpful to know what others are reading!

Posted 29-Nov-2013 by John

Just another blog

I found another blog that has some good posts and I think it is worth mentioning:

Posted 18-Dec-2013 by Jennifer
Alexandro Sforza

making sharepoint simple

I recommend my colleague blog.

Posted 11-Apr-2014 by Alexandro Sforza
Alexandro Sforza

making sharepoint simple

I recommend my colleague blog.

Posted 11-Apr-2014 by Alexandro Sforza
Alexandro Sforza

making sharepoint simple link

which can be found at :

Posted 11-Apr-2014 by Alexandro Sforza

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