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 The First EUSP SharePoint Hackathon Challenge

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2012-05-15 Update: There was a lot of SharePointTrashTalk over the weekend as the contestants continue to try to psych each other out. This is a good thing. Follow the hash #EUSPHack to track the discussion.

2012-05-11 Update: O'Reilly will be giving the grand prize winner their choice of any 5 books in the O'Reilly collection. 

2012-05-11 Original Challenge

If you follow me on twitter, you know where this is going. I saw some guys trash talking each other on twitter about how their method of coding was better than blah, blah, blah. I called 'em out.

"Hey, I'll sponsor a hackathon if you guys think you are so good. I'll set the challenge, you build a solution and we'll let the SharePoint Community decide who's solution is better." To my utter surprise, all four took up the challenge. I quickly called Chris Reilly at CloudShare asking for "hacker" space. He jumped at the chance to provide some temporary environments to bang around on.

So here it is. The first EUSP Hackathon Challenge. I'll lay the ground rules first, then introduce the contestants and judges. I'll end with a description of the challenge. And before you ask: Nope, sorry, no more contestants. This is a face-off between these four. If it turns out to be fun, we'll run a series of challenges and open it to the public.

The Rules

The rules are simple and were agreed to by all contestants

  • I will create a challenge that should be implemented in SharePoint
  • No restrictions on programming language for your solution (C#, jQuery, .NET,  Ajax, whatever)
  • Winning criteria will be based upon interface, ease of use and effectiveness of the solution. It has to work. It has to look good.
  • Judges will not vote, only give reviews and public feedback, American Idol style
  • The SharePoint community will vote and select the best solution
  • Rules can be added or tweaked at my discretion

The Contestants

Doug Hemminger, @DougHemminger

Doug is an Assistant Director at Crowe Horwath LLP, focused primarily on helping Crowe achieve better business results through the use of SharePoint and related Microsoft technologies. With over 15 years of technical and project management experience and a strong .Net development background, Doug started developing on SharePoint in 2007 and hasn't stopped since. With development experience in the areas of branding, workflows, and extranet solutions, Doug has a broad range of SharePoint development experience that he leverages through his passion for delivering results.



Pranav Sharma, @epranav

I am a Microsoft Certified SharePoint Solution Developer (MCTS) & SharePoint IT Professional (MCITP) with 4+ years of combined SharePoint experience. Currently working as a Senior SharePoint Consultant with Portal Solutions specializing in the Architecture & Development of complex custom solutions. I have worked with clients such as GirlScouts of USA, Conservation International, ECS, Fraunhofer Prometric & AVMA. Until recently, I was a consulting analyst with Accenture Technology Consulting where I worked with clients such as Philip Morris and the US Postal Service. I am an alumni of the University of Maryland with degrees in Computer Engineering and Business Management.



I'm a Software Engineer for Applied Information Sciences.  Essentially, I make web applications fun for the masses.  How cool is that? I'm currently learning JavaScript/jQuery and how they interact with Web Services and JSON.  My passion is to create intelligent, future-proof, streamlined business processes.



James Love, @jimmywim

Senior SharePoint and Business Intelligence Consultant for Intelligent Decisioning Ltd, a Microsoft Gold Certified Partner based in Nottingham UK specialising in SharePoint, CRM and Workflow.  I'm experienced with WSS 3.0, MOSS 2007, SharePoint Foundation 2010, SharePoint Server 2010, SQL Server Integration Services (SSIS), SQL Server Analysis Services (SSAS), MDX Scripting, Workflow & WCF. I'm certified to MCPD SharePoint 2010 Dev, and MCTS WSS & MOSS Config. I spend way too much time online.

The Judges

Bil Simser, @bsimser
Bil has been involved with Microsoft's .NET platform since the early betas and has a deep passion for good Architecture and Software Design. He specializes in SharePoint, .NET, Agile, TDD, and computer game programming. Bil also runs several successful open-source projects. He contributes to the software development community, taking the time to review and edit SharePoint and Agile publications, and speak at user groups, code camps, and conferences, including TechEd, DevConnections, PDC, and DevTeach.

Mark Fidelman, @markfidelman
You know the distressed, working stiff in front of you in line at Starbucks who was intermittently mumbling to himself? Nice to meet you, too. My column in Forbes is OP/ED and based on my personal experience and observations of working with Executives in the Global 3000. Now for the good stuff: I am a Chief Social Strategist for, a Social Business software organization, responsible for social, partner and strategic initiatives. (note: views are strictly my own) - Author of an upcoming social business book and creator of several high performing presentations - - follow me on Twitter MarkFidelman or Circle me on Google+

Marc Anderson, @sympmarc
Marc is the Co-Founder and President of Sympraxis Consulting LLC, located in the Boston suburb of Newton, MA, USA.  Sympraxis focuses on enabling collaboration throughout the enterprise using the SharePoint application platform. Marc is a two-time recipient of the Microsoft MVP award for SharePoint Server (2011 and 2012). Marc has almost 30 years of experience in technology professional services and software development. Over a wide-ranging career in consulting as well as line manager positions, Marc has proven himself as a problem solver and leader who can solve difficult technology problems for organizations across a wide variety of industries and organization sizes.

The Challenge.

Finally, we get to the good stuff. The challenge is...

Create a multi-media resource center that manages videos within the SharePoint environment. Videos can be stored locally on the SharePoint server or pulled in from YouTube. You must include videos from both locations in your final solution. The judges will critique the functionality of your solution as well as how intuitive it is to use and add videos.

Gentlemen, the hackathon starts when you read this. You have until Monday, May 21st 9:00am EST to provide a link to your solution. Good luck.

Grand Prize

I can't tell you want the grand prize is yet because I haven't gotten confirmation back yet, but be assured, it is something EVERYONE in the SharePoint community would want.

Sound like fun? What would YOU like to see in such an environment? What kind of functionality should it have? Give the guys some ideas and let's see if we can get a truly unique and usable solution from this challenge.

Gentlemen... Start. Your. Engines. Hash tag for the event is: #EUSPHack


Doug Hemminger

Love the Challenge!

I absolutely love the challenge. It's a perfect way to incorporate SharePoint expertise, multimedia, storage, and UX challenges. Fantastic! It is going to be a toooon of fun. Now to get started.

Posted 11-May-2012 by Doug Hemminger
Matthew Bramer

SCA Empowerment...

My plan is to show off what a Site Collection Admin can do w/o resorting to managed code. I agree with Doug, this challenge is going to be a lot of fun... Can't wait to see the different solutions!

Posted 11-May-2012 by Matthew Bramer
Jeremy Thake


What a cruel weekend to host this on! I mean Matt will want to watch the Capitals lose to the Rangers in the NHL Stanley Cup Playoffs on Saturday ;-) LOL
May the best developer win I say!

Posted 11-May-2012 by Jeremy Thake
Paul Tavares

Awesome concept

Awesome to see this happening...Love the idea... I'm hopping to see a great solution implemented with client side technologies (javascript, jQuery, webservices)... I also hope you keep these Hackathon's going...

Posted 12-May-2012 by Paul Tavares
Doug Hemminger


As of late last night, I have a solution architected and a working prototype. I can guarantee that no one will have the same solution as me. It is unique!

Posted 14-May-2012 by Doug Hemminger
Dessie Lunsford

Great idea

Love the idea of this Mark, can't wait to see what these guys come up with!!

Posted 14-May-2012 by Dessie Lunsford
Matthew Bramer


We only lost Jeremy because I was busy hacking away @ SharePoint. Based on your showing against us, good luck on the rest of the series! ;-)

Posted 14-May-2012 by Matthew Bramer
Chris Quick


I think the biggest challenge, and one of the biggest desires of many of my clients, is not just to have video content but to include playlist capability. I would love to see how the contestants solve incorporating playlists AND videos into a single solution.

Posted 21-May-2012 by Chris Quick

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