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SharePoint: Creating site collections...the easier way

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Editor's note: Follow contributor Jason MacKenzie @Jason_MacKenzie

Anyone who has administered SharePoint will acknowledge that creating site collections and their associated content databases is not the most challenging task they are likely to be faced with. Having said that there are a few steps that need to be done and can easily be accomplished using PowerShell.

My current client is very new to SharePoint with no dedicated full-time internal resources assigned to administer the platform. My goal is to deliver a successful rollout and a critical component of that success is leaving them with the skills and knowledge to carry things forward after I am gone.

With that in mind, I have developed a simple tool for creating site collections. I wanted to not simplify the process but also to provide another example of how to program against the SharePoint 2010 object model. To the uninitiated the task can seem daunting so a functional, yet relatively simple example can go a long way to demystifying the proposition.

I created a Windows Forms application in Visual Studio 2012 that will run on the SharePoint servers and will allow Farm Administrators to create site collections in one simple step. Let’s review the application in more detail.

Screen Shots

When the application is launched the user will be presented with a form that tells them if they are currently logged in with an account that is a member of the Farm Administrator’s group which is a prerequisite to creating a site collection:


The application pulls information like the SQL Server name and web application from the app.config file.


The second tab provides the ability to select options around the site collection. There are more options that can be specified and these can be easily added to the application if desired. The list of templates is pulled directly from SharePoint.


The third tab allows the user to specify whether to create a new content database for the site collection or to use an existing one. The use of SQL Server Management Objects makes fetching a list of databases a simple proposition. This is all the information required to create our new site collection.

The user interface will stay responsive during the process and provide updates back to the user as things progress. The site collection creation process can take a minute or two depending on the state of your environment.





Trust but verify…let’s check in SharePoint to ensure the result matches with our expectations:



The Code

There are a few configuration values that are stored in the app.config file. The purpose should be straightforward based on the names:

    <add key="SQLServerName" value="…\sharepointdev"/>
    <add key="WebApplicationURL" value="http://…/"/>
    <add key="SiteCollectionURL" value="http://…/sites/"/>
    <add key="SiteCollectionForTemplates" value="http://…/sites/development"/>
    <add key="ContentDatabasePrefix" value="WSS_"/>
    <add key="Domain" value="accounts\"/>

Our initialization routine does 4 things:

  1. Read the values from the config file
  2. Get a list of site collection templates from SharePoint
  3. Populate the list of content databases
  4. Checks to see if the user is a member of the Farm Administrator’s group.

Use the following code to pull a list of templates. Keep in mind that the templates are related to a specific site collection so in this case I simply used my “main” site collection.

            using (SPSite siteCollection = new SPSite(ConfigurationManager.AppSettings.Get("SiteCollectionForTemplates")))
                SPWeb parentWeb = siteCollection.OpenWeb();

                SPWebTemplateCollection Templates = siteCollection.GetWebTemplates(Convert.ToUInt32(1033));

                var templates = (from SPWebTemplate sptemplate in Templates
                                 orderby sptemplate.Title
                                 select new { Title = sptemplate.Title, Name = sptemplate.Name }).ToList();

                cboTemplates.DataSource = templates;
                cboTemplates.ValueMember = "Name";
                cboTemplates.DisplayMember = "Title";


To populate a list of databases we use SQL Server Management Objects. We need to add a few references to our project first. These can be found here: <SQL Install Drive>\Program Files\Microsoft SQL Server\100\SDK\Assemblies


        /// <summary>
        /// We'll use the SQL Server System Managent objects to query the SQL Server specified for the list of databases
        /// </summary>
        private void populateDatabases()
            ServerConnection conn = new ServerConnection(ConfigurationManager.AppSettings.Get("SQLServerName"));

                Server srv = new Server(conn);

                //Retrieve the databases that comply with the naming convetion specified in the app.config file
                var databases = (from Database db in srv.Databases
                                 where db.Name.Contains(ConfigurationManager.AppSettings.Get("ContentDatabasePrefix"))
                                 select new { Name = db.Name, ID = db.ID }).ToList();

                //Bind the combobox to the data
                cboDatabases.DataSource = databases;
                cboDatabases.ValueMember = "Name";
                cboDatabases.DisplayMember = "Name";

            catch (Exception err)


When the form initially loads we want to verify that the currently logged in user is a member of the Farm Administrator’s group:

        private bool FindOutIfAdmin()

            //For Currently Logged in users  
            bool isFarmAdmin = false;  
                SPGroup adminGroup = SPAdministrationWebApplication.Local.Sites[0].AllWebs[0].SiteGroups["Farm Administrators"];  
                foreach (SPUser user in adminGroup.Users)  
                    if (user.LoginName == Environment.UserDomainName + "\\" + Environment.UserName)  
                        isFarmAdmin = true;  
            return isFarmAdmin;  

This completes our initialization so let’s examine the logic to create the content database and site collection. As mentioned previously, this process can take a few minutes to execute so we’ll going to use multi-threading to keep the UI responsive and provide updates to the user.

Above your class declaration place these lines of code:

    public delegate void UpdateStatusDelegate(string Message, int Progress);
    public delegate string GetTemplateDelegate(bool result);
    public delegate string GetDatabaseDelegate(bool result);

I have included the code below and I’ll walk through it step by step. In this case we don’t really need to call the RunWithElevatedPrivileges method because the user is a farm administrator however old habits die hard.

        /// <summary>
        /// This will create the site collection and content database(if required)
        /// </summary>
        private void CreateSiteCollection()

            //Get the selectedvalue of the templates combobox.  We do it this way to retrieve it from the original thread
            string spTemplate = Invoke(new GetTemplateDelegate(GetTemplate), new object[] { false }).ToString();


                    // Provide the Web Application URL under which all site collection and sub sites needs to be provisioned 
                    string webApplicationUrl = txtWebApplication.Text;

                    string relativeUrl = txtRelativePath.Text;
                    string siteTitle = txtSiteCollectionName.Text;
                    string siteDescription = "Welcome to your site collection";
                    uint languageCode = 1033;
                    string primaryAdmin = txtPrimaryOwner.Text;
                    string secondaryAdmin = txtSecondaryOwner.Text;

                    //Call the deleate to resolve the cross threading issue
                   Invoke(new UpdateStatusDelegate(UpdateStatus), new object [] { "Initializing Values", 5 });

                   SPWebApplication objWebApplication = SPWebApplication.Lookup(new Uri(webApplicationUrl));

                    Invoke(new UpdateStatusDelegate(UpdateStatus), new object[] { "Web Application Opened", 10 });

                    string spDatabase = "";

                    //Create the new content database if the user has checked the New Content database checkbox
                    if (chkNewDatabase.Checked)
                        Invoke(new UpdateStatusDelegate(UpdateStatus), new object[] { "Creating Content Database", 40 });
                        objWebApplication.ContentDatabases.Add(txtSQLServerName.Text, txtContentDatabaseName.Text, null, null, Convert.ToInt32(txtSiteCountWarning.Text), Convert.ToInt32(txtMaximumSiteCount.Text), 1);
                        Invoke(new UpdateStatusDelegate(UpdateStatus), new object[] { "Content Database Created", 60 });
                        spDatabase = Invoke(new GetDatabaseDelegate(GetDatabase), new object[] { false }).ToString();


                    //If the checkbox is checked we'll grab the database name from the New Content Database textbox
                    //otherise we'll get it from the drop down list
                    string databaseName = chkNewDatabase.Checked == true ? txtContentDatabaseName.Text : spDatabase;

                    //Loop through the content databases until we find the matchig one
                        foreach (SPContentDatabase contentDB in objWebApplication.ContentDatabases)
                                if (contentDB.Name == databaseName)
                                    Invoke(new UpdateStatusDelegate(UpdateStatus), new object[] { "Creating Site Collection", 75 });
                                    contentDB.Sites.Add(relativeUrl, siteTitle, siteDescription, languageCode, spTemplate, primaryAdmin, "", "", secondaryAdmin, "", "");
                                    Invoke(new UpdateStatusDelegate(UpdateStatus), new object[] { "Site collection created", 95 }); 


                    Invoke(new UpdateStatusDelegate(UpdateStatus), new object[] { "Done!", 100 }); 

            catch (Exception ex)

                UpdateStatus("Error Occurred! - " + ex.Message, 100);


The first section of the code is fairly obvious in that we are grabbing the values from the various controls on the form and assigning them to variables.

You’ll notice a number of lines that look like this:

//Call the delegate to resolve the cross threading issue
Invoke(new UpdateStatusDelegate(UpdateStatus), new object [] { “Initializing Values”, 5 });’

The UpdateStatus method simply updates the Progress Bar as well as the Results text box:

        private void UpdateStatus(string Message, int Progress)

            this.progressBar1.Value = Progress;
            this.txtStatus.Text = this.txtStatus.Text + Message + "..." + Environment.NewLine;


The reason for this is that we initiate the CreateSiteCollection method in a different thread by using this code:

        private void lnkCreate_LinkClicked_1(object sender, LinkLabelLinkClickedEventArgs e)
            tabControl.SelectedIndex = tabControl.TabPages.Count-1;

            //Start a new thread so the UI stays responsive and reflects the updates to progress bar
            Thread t = new Thread(new ThreadStart(CreateSiteCollection));

Doing this means that the long running method that creates the site collection will happen in a different thread and will allow the UI to stay responsive. However, the Form controls are created in the original thread which means that we don’t have access to them in the new thread unless we use delegates. Thankfully, I will not be using the word “thread” in this post again.

If the user has indicated they want to create a new database then we’ll execute that task by calling the Add method of the ContentDatabases collection. Otherwise we’ll simply get the name of the new database from the form.

                    string spDatabase = "";

                    //Create the new content database if the user has checked the New Content database checkbox
                    if (chkNewDatabase.Checked)
                        Invoke(new UpdateStatusDelegate(UpdateStatus), new object[] { "Creating Content Database", 40 });
                        objWebApplication.ContentDatabases.Add(txtSQLServerName.Text, txtContentDatabaseName.Text, null, null, Convert.ToInt32(txtSiteCountWarning.Text), Convert.ToInt32(txtMaximumSiteCount.Text), 1);
                        Invoke(new UpdateStatusDelegate(UpdateStatus), new object[] { "Content Database Created", 60 });
                        spDatabase = Invoke(new GetDatabaseDelegate(GetDatabase), new object[] { false }).ToString();

The process for adding a site collection at this point is the same regardless of whether a new database was created. The SPContentDatabase object has a Sites collection which is a collection Site Collections – say that 5 times fast. We’ll call the Add method to add the new site collection to the right database.

//If the checkbox is checked we'll grab the database name from the New Content Database textbox
                    //otherise we'll get it from the drop down list
                    string databaseName = chkNewDatabase.Checked == true ? txtContentDatabaseName.Text : spDatabase;

                    //Loop through the content databases until we find the matchig one
                        foreach (SPContentDatabase contentDB in objWebApplication.ContentDatabases)
                                if (contentDB.Name == databaseName)
                                    Invoke(new UpdateStatusDelegate(UpdateStatus), new object[] { "Creating Site Collection", 75 });
                                    contentDB.Sites.Add(relativeUrl, siteTitle, siteDescription, languageCode, spTemplate, primaryAdmin, "", "", secondaryAdmin, "", "");
                                    Invoke(new UpdateStatusDelegate(UpdateStatus), new object[] { "Site collection created", 95 }); 


                    Invoke(new UpdateStatusDelegate(UpdateStatus), new object[] { "Done!", 100 });

Once this task has been completed the process is finished. Our new site collection has been created and added to the correct content database whether it is new or existing.

This tutorial has demonstrated how to work with the SharePoint 2010 object model in order to (gently) ease some of the administrative effort you may face in managing a successful SharePoint deployment


If you are running this application on a WFE server in a farm with separate SQL Server you will need to install the SQL Server 2008R2 Shared Management Objects:

Categories: SQL; dev; PowerShell; Visual Studio



Cool, but really necessary?

Great work, but for the live of me, I cant really see how this is easier for the (novice) client than using Central Administration?

Posted 04-Apr-2013 by DamnedDutch
Jason MacKenzie

Thanks for the feedback

It's easier to use CA for creating a site collection when you are adding it to an existing content database. I created this tool to simplify the process of creating a new content database and adding a new site collection to it as well as being able to easily select any existing content database for a new site collection.

Posted 04-Apr-2013 by Jason MacKenzie

Yep, I get it now

Sweet. I only now see the selection of content databases function. Yep, agreed, this is easier than throwing PowerShell scripts at the client.

Posted 04-Apr-2013 by DamnedDutch
Jason MacKenzie

SharePoint 2013

I should point out that this works fine with SP2013 as well.  Simply change the target framework to .Net 4.5 and recompile.

Posted 04-Apr-2013 by Jason MacKenzie
Chris Grist


Hey Dude, I didnt read every word, but does it support host name site collections? that would be good to add as that is something that isnt in CA!.

Posted 05-Apr-2013 by Chris Grist
Jason MacKenzie

Host Name Site Collection

Chris - great suggestion. Let me take a look at that. Once I get it implemented I'll put the project up on CodePlex.

Posted 08-Apr-2013 by Jason MacKenzie


Is there a compiled version of this that is available for download. This looks like a great to but I have never created a Windows form app. It might be helpfult o post the Visual Studio Solution and the Compiled version somewhere. Looks like a real time saver though. Great work!!! Graham

Posted 08-May-2013 by Graham
Jason MacKenzie


Hi Graham - here it is: I still need to work on populating the information around the project. If you have any questions I'd be happy to answer them.

Posted 21-May-2013 by Jason MacKenzie
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Great work

I'm new to SharePoint, but your instructions were thorough and easy enough to follow, for the most part, anyway. Keep up the hard work, and a very insightful article.

Posted 25-Dec-2013 by Rdokoye
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Posted 27-Jan-2014 by Robert Youngblood


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Does generic viagra contain less sildenafil citrate


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What does keflex reaction look like

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Overdose ambien


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New York Personal Injury Lawyer


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Sildenafil 100mg


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Free online casino slot games


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Buy viagra in canada


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Vigrx plus in stores


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Sildenafil for women


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Trisenox and cialis interactions


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Optionbit Review


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Weight loss rapid


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Casino online for free


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