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  • Latest Articles

    • Nicki BorellDeveloper
      Comments: 1811-Jun-2013

      PowerShell for SharePoint 2013 Analytics Feature

      Working with PowerShell and the new SharePoint Analytics feature means that you have to set up your PowerShell environment first. Using the SharePoint Management Shell, as it is, won’t work.

    • Alex ChoroshinDeveloper
      Comments: 6423-May-2013

      SharePoint: Fast Search Pipeline Extensibility for Specific Content Source

      Since the Pipeline Extensibility is not restricted to any content source and the fact that you do not have a proper API, it makes it really hard to work with a specific Content Source.

    • Nicki BorellDeveloper
      Comments: 5721-May-2013

      Build a Search Driven Solution with SharePoint 2013 - Part II

      In Part I, I wrote about the options and scenarios of Search and Search Driven Apps in SharePoint 2013 on-premise. Now, let’s see what options we have using the online version of the new SharePoint 2013.

    • Alex BrassingtonDeveloper
      Comments: 1714-May-2013

      Gooey SharePoint Scripting

      Today i’m going to show you how to script Sharepoint through the GUI. Whilst in this example we’ll be running the code on server the same concepts and approach can be used to Script it from any machine that can hit the relevant website

    • Riccardo EmanueleDeveloper
      Comments: 2710-May-2013

      SharePoint 2013 Upgrade

      You can only upgrade to SharePoint 2013 from SharePoint 2010 so those of you looking to upgrade directly from 2007 will have to take the 2010 route first.

    • Alex ChoroshinDeveloper
      Comments: 1706-May-2013

      How to Get Login Name and Display Name using SharePoint 2013 REST API

      Working with REST API is quite simple and straight forward

    • Alex ChoroshinDeveloper
      Comments: 11324-Apr-2013

      SharePoint: Getting "This collection already contains an address with scheme http" Error When Creating a Custom WCF Service

      The problem is caused by the fact that IIS supports specifying multiple IIS bindings per site (which results in multiple base addresses per scheme, in our case HTTP), but a WCF service hosted under a site allows binding to only one base address per scheme

    • Tahir NaveedDeveloper
      Comments: 2823-Apr-2013

      SharePoint 2013 - App Development

      Apps are probably the biggest new feature in SharePoint 2013. This article explains getting started with the App development for SharePoint 2013.

    • Chris GristDeveloper
      Comments: 1317-Apr-2013

      Useful Utility Functions (C#)

      Recently I have been working on a SharePoint project, and code wise it is my biggest one yet. After a short while it was evident I needed a framework of helper functions that I can use and not have to reinvent all the time.

    • Dmitry KozlovDeveloper
      Comments: 2515-Apr-2013

      SharePoint: Search in XsltListViewWebPart

      My customer has a long list with many text fields. I need to give his users a tool for quick navigation in this list, as well as for searching and editing elements. The best solution was a text filter.

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