SURVEY RESULTS – SharePoint 2010 Adoption Eclipses SharePoint 2007


Earlier this month, and Global 360 conducted the latest update to their survey “How are businesses using SharePoint?” The first survey in August 2010 collected 886 responses, and this latest update captured 830 responses. The goal of the survey was to:

  • Determine the breadth and depth of SharePoint usage in the market today vs. August 2010
  • Understand how companies are driving value out of their implementations, and
  • Identify challenges related to their investment.

We were certainly surprised at the changes revealed in SharePoint over the past six months, including:

SharePoint 2010 Adoption Surges in Past 6 Months. The survey revealed that SharePoint 2010 deployments increased from 8% in Aug-10 to 44% in Jan-11. Not only was the growth of SharePoint 2010 deployments impressive, but they outpaced the SharePoint 2007 deployments noted by 43% of survey participants – down from 81% who took the August 2010 survey. The January survey also revealed that the Middle East leads SharePoint 2010 deployments with 3:7 ratio of 2007 to 2010 deployments. North America lags the world with a 2:1 ratio of 2007 to 2010.


SharePoint is solidifying position as mission-critical part of IT and business. As SharePoint is deployed across more organizations, 33% of companies say over half the documents in SharePoint are considered mission-critical, up from 27% in Aug-10. With its growing presence in the enterprise, we expect that this growth was attributed to SharePoint capturing more content that would have been previously slated for other enterprise content management solutions. Additionally, as businesses are increasing using SharePoint for workflow and process management, mission-critical content can now be put in motion across the business. Nearly 6 in 10 survey respondents are using or plan to use workflow/BPM applications with their SharePoint platform.


“SharePoint as a Development Platform” is still frustrating users. As Microsoft and its partners continue to promote SharePoint as an application development platform, users are not necessarily finding it easier to use. Even though SharePoint 2010 adoption increased dramatically in the past 6 months, the #1 challenge survey participants noted in both the Aug-10 and Jan-11 surveys was “development time and effort to build business applications”. The challenge of development time and effort also points to reasoning behind the #2 challenge revealed in the Jan-11 update, “end user training / adoption”. If end users are not finding applications that suit their needs, they are less likely to use or readily adopt SharePoint – certainly one of the challenges expressed in an earlier EUSP article, “SharePoint’s Inconvenient Truth”.

On Monday, January 31st, Mark Miller and Derek Weeks will be presenting many of the results from the 2011 survey and comparing them with the 2010 survey results. The presentation was already scheduled as an online recap of the 2010 survey presentation they gave at SharePoint Saturday Boston in September 2010. To register for Monday’s webinar comparing the 2010 and 2011 SharePoint survey results, you can register on the SharePoint Saturday Boston site here.

Anyone can download a free paper detailing the 2010 survey responses here (no registration required). On the same page, you can also register to receive a copy of the 2011 report. If you are one of the 1700+ who participated in the 2010 or 2011 surveys, you will automatically be sent a copy of the updated 2011 paper when it is published (target: February 7th).

In this session, Derek Weeks and Mark Miller will do a broad analysis of the SharePoint market. They will also compare some of the surprising deltas between the Aug-10 and Jan-11 survey responses. For example, did you know that SP2010 deployments have increased 5x in the past 6 months?

The presentation includes a drill down on SharePoint in the real world using the following survey findings:

  • Adoption of SharePoint
  • Widespread Deployment
  • Using SharePoint for Portals, WorkFlow, and Process Management
  • Mission-Critical Processes and SharePoint Documents
  • Challenges with SharePoint Implementations
  • Exposing Legacy or Other Application Data to SharePoint
  • Conclusions and Recommendations

Those attending the session will receive a color printed copy of the survey and will receive updates every six months as the data is refreshed.