Validate Email Addresses and Phone Numbers in SharePoint 2007 (Screencast)

Author: Laura Rogers, Birmingham, AL
SharePoint 911

In SharePoint 2010, setting up validation for columns is now baked right into the product, on the Add New Column screen, but how do you do it in SharePoint 2007?  Common types of fields that need to have patterns are phone numbers and social security numbers.  Validation is the process of setting up a pattern that column data needs to match before the form can be submitted.  In this screencast, Laura Rogers shows how easy it is to set up validation in a custom form data view web part, using SharePoint Designer.  The prerequisite for this screencast is the one called Customize Form Pages in SharePoint (Screencast).

To go along with this screencast, Laura has written this blog post, which explains all of the steps in details, with tricks on how to get the phone number validation to work correctly: Phone Number Validation in SharePoint 2007.


Laura is currently working on this new SharePoint 2010 book:

Also, for SharePoint Administrators, Laura was a contributing author on this book:

Author: Laura Rogers, Birmingham, AL
SharePoint 911


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  2. Frank,
    To use the same form for another list, you’d have to do the same thing as with any data view web part:

    export the DVWP to have a backup copy of the file. In that file, find all of the "ListID" instances of the GUID, which is that really long {8867-444-666-777} type of number. Replace that list’s GUID with the new list’s GUID. Then, create a custom form page on the second list, and then import your modified web part file to the page.

  3. Frank,
    Would the information provided in the ‘Customize Form Pages in SharePoint’ screencast be sufficient? ie: make a copy in SPD and attach the copy (that you may customize) to another list?

    Or are you asking if you can attach the same form to 2 separate lists?

  4. Great information from the SharePoint Queen. Checked out the blog and it was easy to follow. Just one question in reference to Dynamic Forms. I made a feedback form for one department and now another department would like the same form. "Can I save the form as a template and reuse it for another department?"

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