How does Microsoft use SharePoint Internally?

SharePoint Saturday TampaI was able to attend Tim Walton’s session at SharePoint Saturday Tampa this past weekend and really enjoyed what I saw.

My plan was to send out a constant tweet stream during the session, but with Tim’s request not to take photos and the amount of content coming out of the session, I thought I’d just post my notes here to give you some ideas.

If you haven’t attended a session like this in the past, it’s eye opening. Real world uses, not just for Microsoft, but for anyone who wants to spend the time. Well worth going to the session. Thanks, Tim.

  1. Uses federated search and FAST. Premise: If search fails, the site fails
  2. Huge dropdown list of prefiltered output… "I need to find"
  3. Debate in-house on "Mingle" concept. Should MSW (Microsoft Web) be pushed to My Sites
  4. My Sites can replace desktop/My Documents
  5. MSW is starting page for EVERYTHING
  6. PowerPoint used to display animated graphics… in the browser!
  7. My Sites allocated 10 gigs
  8. Activated ratings to guage interest in content. Remove content based up interest level
  9. BCS (Business Connectivity Services) is used very heavily
  10. "Mingle": internal marketing of My Sites (Social Networking Team)
  11. "Social Connector" in Outllok connects to content in EXTERNAL social sites: LinkedIn, Facebook, etc
  12. Big value in having a LiveID: free stuff being given away
  13. "Ask me about…" in My Sites allows users to expose their expertise
  14. SharePoint Community extranets are huge
  15. Excel sales reports render directly in browser, using slicer and PowerPivots
  16. PowerPivots pull from multiple data source (very cool)
  17. Uses digital picture frames to expose KPIs on sales person’s desk (nice idea… constant updates for project managers)
  18. SP Workspaces sync with delta, not with entire document
  19. Office 2010 Mobile is a free download (important for mobile worker)
  20. Infopedia – internal document center, can hold millions of documents
  21. Check out resources at Academy Mobile

4 thoughts on “How does Microsoft use SharePoint Internally?”

  1. Great notes, Mark. We’re having a session like this at the San Antonio User Group July meeting and I can’t wait to compare.
    I don’t understand the PowerPoint animations. Are they replacing what others might do in custom Flash, Silverlight or custom javascript? I could see some potential with that, but I’m surprised to hear it scales that well.
    Also, what kind of free stuff are they giving away for live accounts? I haven’t heard about that.
  2. It’s more likely that the My Site’s are serving as a replacement for Exchange’s deprecated Public Folders.
  3. Yes, I think it’s large, too. The tendency will be to store project data and files, removing the location context from the documents. — Mark

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