View Permissions Across Sites through a Site Permissions Dashboard

Laura Rogers is putting the finishing touches on her "SharePoint Site Permissions Dashboard" solution. In this screencast, she shows how you can setup the dashboard to show permissions levels on multiple sites, access the permissions management screen, and have direct access to each group or person to manage their settings.

If you like what you see here, Laura is moderating a live on line workshop, "SharePoint Site Permissions Dashboard", on August 7th. Hope to see you there.

2 thoughts on “View Permissions Across Sites through a Site Permissions Dashboard”

  1. Very cool Laura! The ASMX web services provide lots of nice detail. I made one before for a quick "View All Site Content" web part based on "/_vit_bin/Lists.asmx"

    There is also a great feature @ for enabling this on all sites. I know, I know, that ones server admin side and not 100% EUSP material. Still, something to recommend to the IT department.


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