Bullet Proof Ways to Increase End User Buy-in: Rock the Rollout!

When I first saw the video that I’m linking to below, I almost jumped out of my chair, I was so excited. These people know how to do a rollout.

After watching, think about what it took to pull this off and you’ll see it is very similiar to trying to get End User buy-in for your project. Look at the people’s faces right before everything starts. Watch closely as they figure out… "Oh, oh. This isn’t going to be normal!" Then watch as the enthusiasm and the heartfelt performances of the presenters win EVERYONE over, even someone you wouldn’t expect.

Whoever did this has guts to spare. That’s what it takes to get complete buy-in at the level you’re going to need. These people didn’t hesitate. They went "all in" on rollout day.

What about you? How are YOU announcing your new relationship with SharePoint?

The Ultimate Commitment Rollout

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