EndUserSharePoint.com: How can I manage a custom view within a web part?

The question of the day comes from Frank in Michigan:

I’m seeing something that’s a bit off on a global team calendar.  I created a view named “Condensed” to be displayed [through a web part] on the front page.  Everything looks exactly like I want it to except the items aren’t sorted in date order as they are in the view.  Is there something I’m missing to make this happen on the front page?

Frank – When you go to modify the shared web part, under the Select a View dropdown, there is a link to Edit this View. Clicking that link will allow you to refine the display of that view within the web part. Sort by Start Time and I think you will get what you are looking for. As an aside, this will not affect your original view in the calendar list, just the view on the entrance page.